Thursday, April 21, 2005

"Choose Death" - Says Justice Hedley

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Charlotte Wyatt, now eighteen months old, will still be left to die by Portsmouth NHS Trust if her condition worsens, following a judge's rejection of a second appeal by her parents. Charlotte Wyatt Blog has the details.

I don't get this. Good Christian Hedley delivers the October judgement. The Wyatts appeal in January. Hedley rejects. Appeal in April. Hedley rejects.

The judge said that he was delighted Charlotte had survived the winter, confounding predictions she was bound to succumb to a respiratory infection.
But he added that Charlotte’s chronic respiratory disease was still expected to be fatal and her neurological condition was as bad as it could be.

In other words "I made my original judgement on the strength of the medical evidence, which I'm delighted to say has been proved completely wrong. I will now make a judgement on the strength of the medical evidence."

The poor Wyatts seem to have been landed with a judge made on a Friday. Can't they get another one, or are they stuck with him ?

UPDATE - the Times report has a picture with the following rollover caption (alt parm for you techies).

"A revised Injunction Order has been made in the Family Division of the High Court, dated 27 September 2004, (Mr Justice Hedley) regarding Charlotte Wyatt. The order made is exceptionally wide, prohibiting any reporting, in words or images, that may lead not only to the baby's identification but also to her medical condition, any of her family, where she is being treated, her medical team, or the trusts and hospitals for whom they work. If in any doubt please consult a staff lawyer before publishing."

Quite an effective court order then, as the Times have a picture of Charlotte, describe her medical condition, identify Darren and Debbie, her loving parents, and state that she's at St Mary's Hospital Portsmouth. The only thing which does seem to be holding is that the Hippocratic assassins in white coats remain anonymous.

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