Saturday, October 11, 2008

Keith Reid Update

Mr Reid, if you remember, "aged 42 and from Walsall, was in the town centre when he was confronted by a number of people. He was pursued by the group and suffered multiple stab wounds."

Someone's been charged :

A man has today appeared at court accused of attempted murder in Walsall. Abdul Malique, aged 41, from Cobden Street, Coventry, has been charged in connection with the stabbing of Caldmore man Keith Reid. Mr Reid, 42, remains in a serious but stable condition in Walsall Manor Hospital after suffering multiple stab wounds. It follows an attack near the junction of Wednesbury Road and Corporation Street just before midnight on Sunday. Malique appeared before Walsall Magistrates Court this morning. No plea was entered and the case was committed to Wolverhampton Crown Court.
Two other men, 21 and 24, have been bailed pending further inquiries. A 35-year-old has been released without charge.

Hmm. If this was a random attack then it's got 'racist attempted murder' written all over it. On the other hand, does a 41-year old travel from Coventry to stab a random gora in Walsall ? Aren't there any left in Coventry ? And isn't 41 a bit old for that sort of thing ?

Doubtless all will be made plain in time - as long as one monitors the local papers on a regular basis.


Anonymous said...

Nobody called Abdul Malique will ever be "from" Coventry, as far as I am concerned.

If he was called John Malique or Steve Malique, perhaps.

Laban said...

However, that's where he lives. Do keep to the point ! He might be a convert, previously known as Adam Mallender. Or Ashley Meek.

staybryte said...

Nothing in the Coventry Evening Telegraph (on-line at least).

Call me Infidel said...

I'm shocked!

Anonymous said...

MONA/MONDEO decoding proves its worth again!