Wednesday, May 13, 2009


I've noticed the odd comment from a chap called 'Anatolie' turning up in places like CiF and now on this blog - odd because the spelling is so idiosyncratic it almost seems deliberate.

"I think that the brittish system of imigrasion can bee compered with the subpraime morgage scheme. Some peoples has benefitted on it for some time but in the end the countrie wil sufer when the scheme colapses wich of corse sooner or later it wil."
I don't know. He can spell 'system' and 'scheme' but not 'will'. He's the Nigel Molesworth de nos jours.

If it's deliberate it seems like a lot of hard work for not a huge result. Maybe he needs time to find his blogging voice, but as of now he's no Manolo or Stanislav.

But either way, he's taking it seriously enough to have started his own blog - the Anatolie Examiner.

Hello, my name is Anatolie. I live in Australia, where I move to about one year ago. I have desided to start this webpage to print articles from the newspaper that I think is good and i will make coments to. I will also print storys that are funny and will make people lauhgh to.

And as he links to me, the least I can do is link back.


Anonymous said...

Sacha Baron Cohen?

Anatolie said...

I comented under anoter articel on you're page so i copied and pasted my erlier coment here.

"Laban yes i'm very reel but as you probably now sinse you visited my blog i'm not a nativ english speeker. most peoples in this world is not.

An no i'm not workin for the guardien i'm not livin in brittain i'm on the other side of the world in Australia.

I only lernt english about two years ago so excus me if my english is not as perfect as yours at leest i'm trieing to lern."

Edwin Greenwood said...

The sentence structure and vocabulary are too good and too consistent for a recent ESL speaker, certainly one with this standard of spelling. In grammar and vocabulary it reads like good standard English with the occasional deliberate but minor error thrown in, like a non-idiomatic preposition.

Equally the spelling errors look too deliberate and too consistent: they are the deliberate mock-phonetic spellings that one might use for rhetorical effect, like "edukashun". Someone with genuinely hopelessly poor spelling (or indeed a condition like dyslexia) would be much more erratic.

I'm not convinced (and neethur is Nigil!!!).

If it's deliberate it seems like a lot of hard work for not a huge result.

Indeed, 9/10 for effort, but needs work on detail.

But good luck to you anyway, Anatolie.

Anonymous said...

Ah, a Molesworth fan! All is forgiven, Laban

Anonymous said...

if you look up the UK in the CIA Factbook you will see that there are almost 250 thousand more boys aged between 0-15 than girls of the same age range. There is no sex breakdown but I should think that there are more Muslim/Hindu boys.


Anatolie said...

Sinse everyone is thinkin that i am not a reel person (whatevre that means) i can reasuer you al that I am.

Sinse everyone is sayin that my speling is not perfect ok escuse me.

No 1 i am not a english speekin nativ.

No 2 i only lern english for about 2 yeers.

No 3 I also sufer from milde dyslesia wich meens sometime i have problemes with wordes.

I apologies for not ben perfect an i won't boter you with my coments here any more.

Ok evrybody happie?


See you later.