Thursday, May 14, 2009

Squander Two on Cameron

"I don't even care why Cameron has said what he's said and done what he's done in the last couple of days. He's right, and he's doing what's right. Sure, you've got to worry about how consistently a man with no principles can be right, but this thing's big enough for the rest not to matter so much. And it's also big enough to significantly shape the behaviour of the party. Overnight, the Tories have become the most principled party, and clearly not because they wanted to, but because they've been forced into it by Cameron. Well, OK, then. I'll take him as Prime Minister."



Rob said...

What HAS Cameron done? Is he forcing people to pay back the money they have falsely claimed, or will this apply only to future claims?

If the latter, then it is meaningless because no MP is going to claim for 5p worth of dodgy stuff in the future.

Laban said...

Thery've got to pay back.

Stan said...

You can fool some of the people all of the time .....

Euro Referendum 2009 said...

we will have a massive political/economic crisis across the Western world within a few years.


Old Codger said...

"Well, OK, then. I'll take him as Prime Minister"

I fear we might have to and I also fear that he might not be any more competent than the present lot, and perhaps not a lot different either.

Seems to be quite good making decisions once it is absolutely clear which way the public is going.

Who is auditing these pay backs to ensure they actually happen?

Anonymous said...

Dave Cameron the self proclaimed heir to Blair "we'll stick to Labour spending plans".

Now ofcourse he's changed his mind now, but the fact that he said words to that effect in the first place tells us he didn't have a clue what was coming. How is he the man to sort it out, if he thought Labour spending plans were on to a winner?

not a chance, I wont vote Conservative with him as leader.

Sgt Troy said...

I do hope all this does not redound to the benefit of that worthless spiv Nigel Farage

"An MEP from the UK Independence party (UKIP) is under investigation for fraud after embezzling tens of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money by pretending to be someone else"

"HIGH-LIVING Euro MP Tom Wise raises a glass to another rewarding day in Brussels-spent shamelessly DODGING work and SCAMMING a fortune in expenses"
"Nigel, the son of a stockbroker, used to be a commodities broker on the metal exchange in the City of London: "Bloody good fun, particularly in the Eighties, although I can't remember most of it, ha!"

"Mr Bloom, an investment fund manager from York, told journalists he wanted to deal with women's issues because: "I just don't think they clean behind the fridge enough".

Dangerouslysubversivedad said...

Dear Mr Troy,

Shouldn't you be out campaigning for your BNP buddies about now? If you're the Mr Troy I think you are that is...

Wise, unlike let's say Den Dover or Giles Chichester, had the UKIP whip removed as soon as it became clear he was on the fiddle.

Farage likes to Party. He even smokes openly, in public and everything. My God, string him up immediately!

Godfrey Bloom was making what those of us with brains larger than a grape call a 'joke'. Look the word up, and try finding yourself under 'desperate' while you're at it...